Missing Classmates

Help Us Out!

You can help us out by using sites such as Google, Veromi, Spokeo.com and the US Genealogy Web Archives to find our missing classmates.  If you find someone or know of their whereabouts, please encourage them to join us here on the web.

Note: If you find your name still listed as missing after signing up on the site, that's because you have not listed an address.  Not only does that continue to list you as missing, it makes it difficult for us to do mailings.
If you want to receive maiings, go to your profile page and add your address.
If you don't mind if fellow classmates view your address, then go to your profile page, click the Profile Visibility box, then add your address to the system.
If you don't want ANYONE to know of your address, you don't need to do a thing.

Gary Abernathy
Mary Louise Aguirre
Jim Alfaro
Irene Barrera
Warren Beathge
Louise Bell
Janis Benson
Kathleen Brown
Leta Burcham (Garza)
Ricky Burchfield
Wanda Butler (DuBose)
Rosalynd Calhoun
Rachel Castillo
Lyn Clark
Amelia Cruz (Neal)
David Curtis
Susie De La Rosa
Lt. Com. Gus Denncamp
Judith Dicks
Barbara Dirck (Wiley)
Jack Duncan
Sharon Eichelberger
Nancy Elizando
Ronald Elmer
Roland Estrada
Sylvia Evans
Betty Ewing
Carolyn Faucheaux
Katherine Field
Gloria Ford
Shirley Fortune
Jimmy Foster
Henry Gedney
Walter Greene
Elizabeth Gros
Sandra Hall
Glynda Hawkins
Karen Hawkins
Kathleen Head
Jesse Henry
Ronnie Hess
Curtis Huett
Bill Huth
Barbara Johnson
Wilma Jones
Anna Kersey
Susan Keyes
Frank Kimball
Shawn Kingston (Bridges)
Richard Krawitz
Sharon Lavelle
Charles Lee
Susie Lewis
Janie Linder (Futrell)
David Lopez
John Lyon
Genevie Marin
Jerry Massey
Michelle McCall
Dorothy McCoy
Donna Medack (Foster)
Barbara Miller (Klaus)
Jonathan Miller
Carmen Moreno
Robert Morgan
Roger Morris
Lana Motes
Gloria Munoz
Margie Nation
Jeanne Palmer
Pat Perrotta
Barbara Philpott
Patricia Pierson
Lillie Pullin
Joel Reitzer
Bill Rhoades
Linda Ricks
Donald Rowe
Billy Sanders
Robert Schneider
Margie Sexsauer
Linda Simmang (Blizard)
Nita Stacy
Kathy Starr
Pat Stevens (Deike)
Sandra Stringfellow
Tim Terry
Bonnie Thompson
Franklin Tiner
Jeffery Trout
Maria Vielmas (Ortiz)
Ginger Wagenknecht (Gibson)
Joann Walker
Fred Weir
Carol Werner
James Williams
Robert C. Wilson
Doracy Wood
Norman Zapata
Michael Zehr

Guest Members

Linda Arnn (Geer)
Dwight Behr
Betty Briggs
Pamela Carter
Ruby Doak (Sheffield)
Robert Elsner
Carl Gerheardt
Jimmy Hilgers
James Marsh
Joyce Mergele (Tyree)
Jean Mitchell (Palmer)
Sharon Mueller (Bulian)
Richard Newman
Darrel Schaumberg
John Smith
Gayle Stamps (Davis)
Edward Williams