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Michael Magee

Michael Magee

Michael passed on the 10th of March, 2022.  Services were held on the 18th of March.

Please keep Pamela and their sons,  Matthew and Mark, in your prayers.

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03/24/22 10:03 AM #1    

Sid Frasier

Sad to hear about Dr. Mike... quiet unassuming intellegent guy that you could always count on to give explainations about Mr. Hazers "Analytical Analyasis class"  problems. So sorry I didn't make his funeral but prayers to his wife Pam and the family.

03/24/22 01:37 PM #2    

Barb Jackson (Fannin)

Mike followed his star, and the world benefitted.

Our sympathy to his family, life-long friends--W.H., L.B., and A.H., among others; and colleagues.

Rest in peace, Mike.

May peace be with us all.


Barbara Jackson and Bill Fannin

03/24/22 06:30 PM #3    

Whitney Hill

When I learned of Mike’s passing, I felt that part of me was also gone. Mike was not only a high school classmate, but he was also my college roommate, the best man at Dorothy’s and my wedding, and one of my very best friends. Mike and Pam kept close ties with us and shared numerous adventures throughout our adult lives. Those included visiting in each other’s homes, road trips together, and memorable camping excursions. Not the least of which was the time we all were camping at Hahn’s Peak Lake north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Mike and I got into a canoe and were fishing when the canoe turned over with us and all our fishing gear. I also had an expensive 35mm camera with me in the canoe which I tried to keep from getting wet to no avail. When we surfaced, Mike was laughing, and we were surrounded by some of the fishing tackle from our open tackle boxes that was floating around us.

Most of our lives are blessed by a few, wonderful, close friends. Mike and Pam are two of the dearest friends we’ve ever had. Our Prayers will continue to be with Pam and her family, and we will cherish all the memories we have of Mike forever. Whit

03/24/22 06:39 PM #4    

Armond Wietzel

Mike Magee was a brilliant graduate who was always willing to offer a helping hand to anyone. He was so good at so many subjects, and was so kind and considerate. He certainly was respected and admired by so many of us, and he had a very successful career and  beautiful family. May God surround his wonderful family with love, peace & grace as we celebrate Mike's life.

Armond Wietzel




03/24/22 10:09 PM #5    

Norris Elam

 Knew Mike at Highlands, at UT, and reconnected with him in San Antionio after his amazing career. He was a unique and special guy and will be missed by many......
 Tried to think of a word to best describe Mike..... Brilliant - for sure..... humble - without a doubt.  Loyal - absolutely... courageous- you bet.... adventurous - to the limit..... all true but the one I will use more than any other when talking about Mike is ... friend.   praying for comfort for Pam and family









03/25/22 09:14 AM #6    

Alberta Hughes (Trulock)

Lucy, Mike and I have been friends since first grade. We were “The Three” who stayed together from first grade through our first semester in college, and continued our friendship throughout marriage, family, empty nest, and “older age”. Lucy and Mike were the “brainiacs” of The Three, but Mike convinced me in early elementary school that he had just as much fun playing jacks with me as he did playing chess with Lucy 😊.

Underneath the brainy, sometimes eccentric exterior, beat a soft, kind heart. We saw each other frequently throughout the years, and Mike initiated the idea of having a special “celebration of friendship” each decade. So, beginning on our 40th decade (1992) The Three made it a point to celebrate. He was thoughtful enough to bring a gift to Lucy and me on each occasion—our 40th, 50th and 60th .

Mike died the day we were to have our 70th “celebration of friendship”. I will miss him. Mike trusted in Jesus Christ many years ago. So, while I sorrow, I know he is rejoicing in the presence of the Savior. Good-bye, Mike, I’ll see you at “the House”.            

Berta Hughes Trulock

03/25/22 10:27 AM #7    

Fred Cloud

So sorry to hear of Mike's passing. As others have said, he was a kind, considerate, caring and warm individual.  Too soon his passing. Prayers to his family and friends. 

03/30/22 05:11 PM #8    

Sandy McNett (Javaras)

I was deeply saddened to learn of Mike's passing.  He was a cherished friend for many years.  He tutored me in Mrs. Carsoner's algegra class and again in chemistry when we were at UT.  I remember asking him how he knew something just went off as a gas...and he responded, "I just know."  We kept up sporadically with emails over the years and I will forever regret not acknowledging his last birthday in February. It was on my calendar and I missed it.  I will remember him for his gentle kindness, humor, humility, love of his family and his inexaustible curiosity. 

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