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05/03/10 02:09 AM #1    

Cristin Wells (Hines)

             I was surprised to be email notified of your passing.  I read your obit with great interest and enjoyed the one photo of you and your wife.

             I'd often wondered as to 'what became of you.'   I was extremely happy to see that you'd prospered and had a lovely family of wife and children and grand children (as I recall/?).   You looked so well in the photo.  And Mrs. M is beautiful and full of love and admiration.

            I never knew what caused you to have to ambulate with the crutches.  But, they didn't seem to 'be a crutch.'   You weren't a victim.   Mostly when I saw you, there was that smile and twinkle in your eyes.

           What I read about you and what others felt toward you was so consistent with what I always thought you were in personality and character.  So happy for that.

           I know for sure that you'll be remembered by those closest to you for generations...also those who weren't so close to you.

           To die at age 63/64 is to have lived a long life.  Now that we've reached it, we whom you've left behind may think, "that's not 'old'."     Some of us may feel and think 'old.'   [My father died at 64. and I've thought that if I outlive his age, I'd be doing pretty good.]   Nevertheless,  it's all relevant, isn't it.   I'm sure you've had that 'icing on the cake.'    As we live on beyond your passing, we'll continue to have that 'icing' in our advance years -- however much longer that will be.   And, we'll remember 'the old days' way back when and you'll be part of that patchwork quilt memory of years gone by in the classrooms and halls of our school days.

'Bye, Mike.

Cristin Wells Hines

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