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Albert "Peaches" Thompson, Jr

Albert Peaches Thompson, Jr

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09/03/09 03:33 PM #1    

Barbara Evans (Chowning)

You always made me laugh and really helped me through some moments that needed a laugh. I always appreciated that extra bounce and hope that you are smiling just as much now. Thank you, thank you, Barbara Evans

12/08/09 06:50 PM #2    

Sallie Christian (Lowe)

Peaches, #33....ahh the days at Highlands.
Gone from us way too early. Your smile, your friendship will always be remembered.

As a Christian, till we meet again.

Sallie Christian Lowe

01/03/14 05:17 PM #3    

Samuel Gonzales

Peaches graduated class of 64, we both went to Emerson Jr High and then to Highlands, great guy and we were reunited during the 30th class reunion and those of us who went to Emerson took a group picture, Larry Coons, Ann Stewart, Pat, and I.  great time and Peaches was "one of kind" great guy.

01/10/14 08:53 AM #4    

Everett E. (Buster) Williams

Peaches was one of the first classmates I met at Emmerson Jr. High. I had just came from St. Patricks Academy for 8 years and I knew no one at Emerson and had never attended a public school. He and I and Lyman Davis became friends at atime I needed friend. We were in athletis and stuck to gether because there were three street gangs (yes , they were there in the 60's too). There was a student body of over 900, and about 35 anglos at the time. So, when someone starts talking abou being a "minority" , I KNOW what it is to be a minority. Mary Duncan, Ann Stewart and others of us who came from Emerson understand that.

When we went to Highlands, we rode the public bus to and from school every day from over on New Braunfels St. by FT. Sam to Steves and then to Highlands. In those days, public transportation was segregated so black people rode in the back of the bus. I rode in the back of the bus ...with my meighborhood friends. I also ate on the bus with them on several occasions when the Highlands track team traveled to meets. Some restraunts did not serve them so the coaches would buy the meals and we ate on the bus while traveling. I was not the only member to do this.

Things changed with LBJ and we stayed in touch over the years. Lyman coached my son Mark later when he took John Ferrars place at Antonian HS where I served as Booster Club President .

Andrew Carothers(Bexar County Judge) was another on on the back of the bus.

Perhaps, this was what I understood when I was a Senior and gave the speach at the school wide assembly fo rthe American Legion Speach Contest titled "We Shall Bury You!". It was a statement on what America was to become in the future. I did not win the contest, and really did not care about the scollarship that accompanied it. On the bus...they said it was a great speach.

I still believe in America, democracy,equal opportunity, freedom of religion, the freedom of persueing happiness, and the equality of man.

Color, does not define the person.

Peaches believed in these things too. This is my tribute to friend.

Buster Williams,

Highlands, Class of 1964

St. Mary's University, BA 1970


08/20/14 01:09 PM #5    

Pennie Roberts (Lovelace)

I was so looking forward to seeing Peaches again at the 50th.  He will truly be missed.  We are so lucky to have come along during the LBJ years and witnessed the racial climate changes first hand.  I was an Air Force brat, so I never really witnessed the whole segregation thing.  I considered Peaches a good friend & am proud that my parents raised me without prejudices against someone's color.  He was a doll.  Thanks, Peaches, for the fond memories.  Rest in peace, my friend.

08/20/14 02:00 PM #6    

Sandy McNett (Javaras)

I remember Peaches with much affection recall how he told me he got his nickname.  When he was born, I think he said it was his grandmother who said the hair on his head reminded her of peach fuzz and the name "Peaches" followed ever since.  

I appreciate Evertt sharing his memories of those sober "back of the bus" days we all remember and also his update on life after HHS.

Sandy McNett Javaras


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